Who we are

We only have our word and our work to show for ourselves but we stand by both.

Jack Bradshaw began his career as an apprentice with quality furniture manufacturer Beauvale of Ilkeston. After first serving in the Royal Navy, Jack returned to civilian life and jumped straight into his apprenticeship with the aim and ambition to master his trade with this prestigious firm. By age 21 Jack was skilled enough to turn his hand to delicate detail defining jobs as easily as large complex pieces of work. Jack's natural skill and work ethic meant he was quickly promoted to line manager. By 22 Jack's ambition had stretched further and he decided he wanted to run his own company. Over the next 45 years Bradshaw's Upholstery prided itself on the variety of its customer offer and quality of work. Whether it is a single seat for a moped or the refurbishment of an entire restaurant, Bradshaw's Upholstery has shown the same quality of workmanship, attention to detail and professional pride in providing satisfied customers time and time again.

Bradshaw's Upholstery remains a family run business to this day.

We don't mass produce from a large warehouse; every piece of work receives the same amount of attention to detail and a personal touch.

We understand it is your favourite chair or family treasure, so we make sure it gets our undivided attention. Your work is more than another number in a warehouse to us.


Years of experience


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Here's what our customers say

"Our leather suite has just been reupholstered by Bradshaw Upholstery based in Bolsover. It was a very expensive suite bought many years ago and the pale green leather had split and cracked. There are 2 sofas (a 2 seater and 3 seater) and an armchair. They were so comfy and we have never seen one like it since we bought it But Wow - it is absolutely beautiful. Looks like a new expensive suite and as Jack had added extra padding it's just as comfy as when we bought it years ago. We can't praise the service and workmanship enough. Thank you Jack and thank you Ian for recommending him."

- Dorothy

"Couldn't have been easier - I phoned Jack direct. He came round fixed my chair (I can't afford to replace it) and then phoned me 3 weeks later to make sure everything was ok - Brilliant"

- Chris